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You can rest assured when the expert agents at Transmark Customs Brokers handle your import customs process. Our “hands-on” proactive approach saves you time and money, because we work to understand your priorities and find solutions that fit your requirements. Meet our team of Transmark Customs Brokers experts:

Leroy F. Berven, Vice President, Customs - Transmark Customs Brokers

Leroy F. Berven, Vice President, Customs

four decades in international trade and transportation operations, including 35 years as a Licensed Customs Broker (LCB). Familiar with a broad range of import commodities including food, beverages, textiles and apparel, machinery, home goods, vehicles, electronics, building materials, live animals, and spacecraft parts, Leroy regularly works directly with individual importers and companies of all sizes.

M. Patrick Allen, President - Transmark Customs Brokers

M. Patrick Allen, President

over three decades of leadership in international trade, transportation, and customs brokerage management.

Adolfo Wolff, Import Operations - Transmark Customs Brokers

Adolfo Wolff, Import Operations

deeply engaged with clients, uses his years of accounting and operations experience to efficiently identify and apply award-winning, customer-focused solutions.

Sarah Cummins, Import Operations - Transmark Customs Brokers

Sarah Cummins, Import Operations

uses her extensive transportation and customs clearance experience to provide a level of consistency and customer service that establishes and maintains close relationships with our valued clients.

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