Comprehensive Customs Services for Your Import Shipments

Your business needs demand customized solutions that ensure timeliness and enhance your company’s profitability. Efficiently managing your import process is simplified when you implement a plan based on Transmark Customs Brokers’ comprehensive list of customs services. Whether you are a company just getting started with your first import shipment, or an established business looking to expand into new international markets, you will appreciate our unwavering attention to detail and personalized customer care.

Customs clearance services

Timely customs clearance is essential for every business which imports goods. Some of our more popular customs clearance services include:

  • Formal and informal Customs entries

  • Other Government Agency (OGA) clearances including Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), etc.

  • Disbursement of duties and taxes to Customs, on behalf of our importer clients

  • Remote location filing (RLF)

  • Importer’s security filing (ISF)

  • Customs bonds – single entry bond, continuous import bond

  • Marine insurance

  • Coordination between all parties (exporter, importer, carrier, container freight station (CFS), US Customs, delivery agent) at no additional charge

Customs consulting designed to save you time and money

Streamline your company's compliance profile with help from our team of experts. Ensure fast release of shipments while seeking ways to minimize your customs duty burden. Find solutions to any import or export problem by putting our four decades of experience to work for you.

Comprehensive customs logistics that maximize efficiency

  • Gain access to our carefully selected expert partners, who provide a complete range of distribution and delivery services:

  • Cross-dock and transload services

  • Delivery, drayage, and multi-modal distribution

  • Warehousing of merchandise (included bonded warehousing)

  • Inspection, sorting, and quality control

  • International and domestic freight forwarding

Every phase of international shipping must be considered to ensure seamless clearance at port. Oversight, documentation, and preparedness are all important pieces to this puzzle. Protect your bottom line. Put your trust in our comprehensive approach to customs and logistics.

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