Expert Customs Consulting Saves You Time and Money

Save time and money and have full confidence in critical timelines by working with our expert customs consulting team.

As a business owner or manager, you understand the value of expertise. When choosing a customs broker to ensure seamless import of your essential goods and merchandise, experience is what will ensure timely delivery and minimal cost. When you put your trust in the customs consulting experts at Transmark Customs Brokers, you have 4 decades of industry experience protecting your investment.

Minimize the amount of customs duty you are legally required to pay and get highly personalized professional care from a customs consultant who will handle the import process from start to finish. Get the information you need to develop comprehensive solutions to almost any potential import or export problem by contacting our office today. A customs consulting specialist will respond to all inquiries by the next business day

What attributes should you look for in a customs consultant?

Your customs consultants should help streamline your company's compliance profile to ensure the fast release of shipments, while minimizing the amount of customs duty you are required to pay. There are many facets of this process that, when overlooked, can cause expensive delays and hefty fines. Reduce your risk of penalty, recover excessive duties and fees, and streamline your import or export process before problems arise by implementing our comprehensive customs consulting process.

What attributes should you look for when selecting a customs consultant?

  • Familiarity with the types of goods you are importing.

  • Thorough understanding of all federal requirements from every government agency.

  • One responsible person who oversees the customs clearance process from start to finish.

  • Information sharing between company consultants to increase overall knowledge and ability to assist you

    As your customs consultant reviews your requirements, they should seek opportunities to:

  • Study product classifications to minimize the dollar amount of customs duties.

  • Review the valuation of each product to ensure accuracy of claims.

  • Understand product materials construction and composition, in an effort to legally reduce duty rates.

  • Prevent regulatory compliance issues with customs and other Federal agencies.

  • File for corrections or requests for refunds for imported products that were classified incorrectly.

  • Work with suppliers to make sure documentation is complete, and provide clear and concise explanations to Federal agencies as appropriate for Customs.

  • Explore tariff rates to discover more favorable materials for use in future product development.

  • Customize pricing based on your specific needs.

  • Reduce the risk of receiving sloppy paperwork from the shipper.

  • Legally minimize fees and customs duties in every way possible.

Quality customs consulting is all about personalized care

Your customs consultant should always be available, and proactive about reaching out to your business team. By conducting a thorough analysis of your business needs, we ensure that you are able to overcome obstacles before they become serious problems. In other words, our customs consultants help you learn the things you do not know.

You will not have to worry about document preparation and filing because our consultants take a hands-on approach to these tasks. You can ask them questions and expect to receive an accurate and concise response. With upfront knowledge of all fees and customs duties, you can have confidence in your bottom line.

Contact a customs consulting expert today. Ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about all of your import and export needs.

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