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When it comes to your import deliveries, you want to be certain your shipment will clear customs on schedule and hassle-free. If your imported goods lack the proper paperwork, or are incorrectly classified, your shipment could be delayed or warehoused as it passes through customs. When you’re on a critical timeline, that could be disastrous. If your customs broker isn’t experienced, it could result in storage and handling fees totaling thousands of dollars. When it comes to customs clearance, you can rest assured that Transmark Customs Brokers will put our experience to work for you to ensure the paperwork and categorization will be correct the first time.

Transmark Customs Brokers is the team of customs clearance experts who will partner with you to ensure your imported goods are cleared easily and quickly. With almost 40 years of experience working diligently on your behalf, you can rely on our expertise to overcome any obstacle. You’ll receive continual updates and will have a customs broker agent who will personally handle your case and will communicate with you on a regular basis. With a 90-plus% client retention rate, it is obvious that we know how to build client partnerships based on unwavering trust.

Have confidence in timely customs clearance because we anticipate customs pitfalls

When it comes to imports and exports, the role of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is clear. They collect all import and export taxes, duties, and fees while seeking to detect fraudulent activities. Customs agents are always on the lookout for importers who try to avoid import duties through fraudulent classification, so it is vital that your goods are classified appropriately. At Transmark Customs Brokers, we always follow the rules, and we will properly classify your shipments to avoid any issues.

Material classification can be complicated and time consuming, and it is a process where our experience with the customs clearance process will make the difference. You can have confidence that your duty assessments will receive a classification that's justified and accurate. This thorough approach to customs clearance also helps you avoid expensive fines and costly delays that could have a negative impact on your bottom line.

All of your import paperwork will be filed timely, so it will be ready when your shipment arrives. This ensures reliable clearance times so you can meet your delivery schedules and critical timelines. You will be promptly informed of any schedule changes, to ensure seamless delivery and expedited care.

You never have to worry about surprises because we help you understand the how’s and why’s behind every decision. All customs clearance issues will be handled by one person from start to finish. Your agent will coordinate with you to establish a timetable, and make sure that you fully understand the customs release process.

Highly specialized customs clearance experts ensure you receive personalized care

Many freight forwarding companies have customs brokers working in-house. These companies are far more likely to use standardized processes for customs clearance that leave little room for flexibility or personalized attention for you and your shipment. With Transmark Customs Brokers, we provide that personalized attention to you and look for legitimate ways to save you time and money.

As a highly specialized company entirely focused on customs brokerage, you’ll receive unmatched customer service and personalized care. Your pricing will be entirely based upon your needs. As we dive down into the details of your shipments, our extensive industry experience reduces CBP scrutiny and significantly reduces the likelihood of problems with customs.

Less overall border scrutiny also minimizes the risk of product damage during the customs clearance process. This is vital for shipments containing sensitive merchandise that could be ruined because of agent mishandling.

Customs clearance for special commodities

When you are importing products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is vital that all regulations are acknowledged ahead of delivery. Inaccurate or incomplete entry submissions will be immediately flagged for manual inspection. The FDA uses electronic import systems, so you need to work with a customs broker who understands these systems and can navigate them with ease.

There are a number of imports that require FDA approval including food, beverage, cosmetics and medical items, just to name a few. The FDA works independently of CBP because they are unrelated government agencies. If you are not fully prepared to deal with both entities, you could easily encounter customs clearance problems.

When you are suddenly faced with an import emergency because your imported goods were flagged for inspection, contact us now an we will put our experience to work for you.

To find out more about the customs clearance process and help get your shipments swiftly cleared through customs, request a quote today for your import and customs needs.

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