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Seamless customs clearance and global trade compliance require a comprehensive understanding of every phase of shipment logistics. Trade regulations must be acknowledged, all vendors and stakeholders must have oversight, and every piece of documentation must be in order. Avoid customs and logistics failures and ensure your critical import-export timelines, with help from the experienced team at Transmark Customs Brokers.

Your products can move from point of origin to their destination, without hassles or unexpected shipping costs often associated with problems at the port or border. Our unrivaled abilities to develop customized solutions for your logistics requirements enhances the integrity of your supply chain. We make importing and exporting your goods easier, more affordable, and more reliable.

Contact us today and ensure your product shipments are seamless, with help from the professional import/export logistics team at Transmark Customs Brokers.

Customs and logistics require constant attention to detail

There are countless requirements for imports and exports. Some are United States Customs' regulations, while numerous other government agencies have additional oversight in their areas of special concern. For example, the Food and Drug Administration regulates imports of food products, medicines, and many other related products.

Product classification is an art unto itself. Improper product classification can cost you time and money, when your imports are flagged for manual inspection. Attention to detail is critical to avoid these costly mistakes. That is why it makes good business sense to get help from the professional customs logistics experts at Transmark Customs Brokers.

The Automated Customs Environment handles U.S. Customs regulatory management for imports and exports. This electronic entry filing system ensures that customs officers receive essential information in real time, facilitating timely cargo release. Your products reliably clear customs every time because our team understands how to use these crucial electronic systems as intended. You will have complete confidence in the timeliness of document transmission and inspection facilitation.

Working with you to develop a more efficient customs process

Understanding the nuances surrounding import and export logistics helps you to cut costs and streamline internal business operations. Collaborating with Transmark Customs Brokers (TCB) on critical customs clearance and import/export logistics issues saves you time and money.

Reducing duty costs is often possible, and we will help you to identify how. For example, if freight charges were prepaid by the shipper, that amount can be deducted from the total shipment invoice value, to reduce dutiable value. We help you make sure that this amount is listed on the invoice by the shipper, maximizing your savings through a process that would have otherwise gone unrealized. Keep in mind that this is just one example. The import/export professionals at Transmark Customs Brokers can dive deeply into other aspects of customs logistics, to save you money and make the customs process more efficient.

This collaborative approach to customs logistics can save our clients as much as thousands of dollars in a single shipment. Discover how to reduce your import liability by thoroughly examining alternative product materials and sourcing various commodities. Ensure that your product classification is accurate, and avoid overpaying because of incorrect analysis of material composition.

There are countless ways we can apply our experience to your company's bottom line. Contact us today to ensure your import/export customs logistics are handled by reliable industry experts, dedicated to comprehensive customer care.

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